New Moon In Virgo


“ This is a time to take a closer look at your standards and ethics with a fresh approach…Raising standards is not just for your career or work, or to show off, it is a way of life.
From within your heart and core hold yourself accountable with each choice and action. You are able to…

How to Alchemise the New Moon Energy to Manifest your Goals


The new moon, the very first crescent you see in the sky, is a time of renewal. A powerful time to set your intentions for what you want to ‘bring in’ to your life. There is a sense of re-charging and an energy of new possibilities. Everything is created first in the zero-point…


Huey speaks the truth on The Boondocks


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Math and Science Week!

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Dresden Codex

Chichén Itzá, Mexico (c. 1000s-1100s)


El Caracol Observatory

Chichén Itzá, Mexico (c. 906)


Can we just take a moment to remember how advanced the astronomy of the Maya civilization was?

How they were able to predict eclipses and the motions of Venus and the Moon?

How they invented the concept of zero, independently from the Indians?

How their calendar measured the length of the solar cycle more accurately than the Gregorian calendar?

Star Teach on Maya Astronomy

Another Page on Maya Astronomy

Authentic Maya on Maya Astronomy

How odd, I can have all this inside me
and to you it’s just words.
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I have learned that a woman can be a fighter, a freedom fighter, a political activist, and that she can fall in love and be loved. She can be married, have children, be a mother. Revolution must mean life also; every aspect of life.
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Juchiteca con cerveza / Juchiteca with beer
Juchitán, México, 1984
Photo by Graciela Iturbide
Amo México , I don’t need Coca Cola

Juchiteca con cerveza / Juchiteca with beer

Juchitán, México, 1984

Photo by Graciela Iturbide

Amo México , I don’t need Coca Cola

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Racial bias in America: from higher suspension rates in preschool, to disproportionate rates of capital punishment, to everything in between, structures of authority routinely allow anti-Black racial bias to color the “facts”, and warp the narrative. And frequently (whether unintentional or otherwise) the police and the media often work together to further criminalize innocent Black victims

1Criminalizing Blackness in America

2. 14-year-old Tremaine McMillian attacked and choked by police, literally while holding a puppy…because McMillian made them “feel threatened” and gave them “dehumanizing stares

3. Author and CNN contributor keithboykin: how the AP slandered Renisha McBride even in death

4.  The Associated Press: when can skin color alone determine who is and who isn’t a looter? (hint: don’t be Black)

This implicit racial bias does not magically stop at innocuous events like the VMAs, or in Hollywood. So far, it doesn’t ever turn off. There are two Americas and racial bias is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe

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El Zocalo de la Capital de México


El Zocalo de la Capital de México

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Only in America do we equate workaholism with virtue and view time spent at the shore or in the mountains or in the desert as time wasted — as evidence of laziness.






I love this so much

We are also one of three nations without paid maternity leave, and the only developed (“first world”) country without maternity leave.

We are the only Western country without universal healthcare.

It costs more to have a child in the US than in any other country.

In many countries you don’t have to pay for college, and if students do pay, it’s nowhere near the amounts that the US students pay.

I could continue, but I think I’ve made my point.

Although this show annoys the fuck out of me with all its teary eyed nostalgia for imperialism, this is a good moment from the show. 

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These White People Just Made An App For Avoiding Black Neighborhoods



Someone please stop the crazy white people. In yet another example of racist appery, the white entrepreneurs above just madeanother app to help white folks ensure they never end up in a place where there are…well…non-white folks.

SketchFactor, helps users avoid “sketchy”…




8 films that explore what it really means to be indigenous

i own The Lesser Blessed and would totally recommend!!

That was shot on my reserve

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U.S. Department of State: Ten Reasons Why You Should Apply for the UN’s Young Professionals Program



Ever wanted to work at the United Nations? The UN is looking for highly qualified candidates who are ready to launch a professional career as an international civil servant for their Young Professionals Program (YPP). Here’s why you should…

Thanks to the U.S. Department of State for this post on the Young Professionals Programme!

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